Grace Engineering produces a variety of products for many different industries, including: medical instruments, firearms components, archery industry components, hydraulic pump components, fitness equipment and many other industries.The firearms industry is an important customer to Grace Engineering and many different parts are produced using various alloys and in many shapes, sizes and quantities.

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For the archery industry, Grace Engineering utilizes various CNC machining processes (milling, turning, grinding, etc.) to produce components from a wide variety of sources, including: forgings, bar stock, die-castings, MIM blanks, cut blocks and molded blanks. We have experience in all types of materials: aluminum, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel, tool steel, various plastics and composite materials, to name a few.

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Grace Engineering produces parts for the medical industry, primarily from stainless steel and tool steel grades, but also from many other alloys including: aluminum, titanium, etc..

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Ranging from standard style components, to very complex pieces, our capabilities cover all facets of the required production processes.

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To accommodate all customers, Grace Engineering performs many secondary / additional operations: finishing, tumble deburring decorating, assembly, etc., as may be requested.